President’s Welcome from Michele Simons

Welcome to the AVETRA Educator Hub’s forum! We have created this blog to encourage conversations about research. So please get talking.

The site is divided into several strands:

•  research raves — here you can tell us about your research or post a query or a comment. This section will become what you make of it.

•  happenings — tell us about events you’ve attended or put future happenings on the radar. So far  there is a report on a conference in Bandung

•  opportunities – in this section, we’ll try to keep you up to date about any jobs, scholarships or courses available for VET researchers, established or aspiring.  If you know of any opportunity, you can post it here.

•  profiles — this is intended to be an occasional series to introduce you to people in the sector who know about research, use it or produce it.

This forum will only really contribute to our aim of encouraging lively and informed exchanges about VET at this tumultuous time in the sector if everyone gets involved.





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