NCVER Consultations on Priorities Beyond 2015

Many people will be aware of the various activities NCVER has been undertaking to determine priorities for research in VET beyond 2015.

The Research Prospectus 2015-16 is an important planning document.  I highly recommend it!  There is an email address to share any thoughts you have regarding these priorities.

The NCVER webinar held on 12 March 2015 was very helpful.  I believe NCVER will provide a recording of the event shortly, probably at their consultation site.


1 thought on “NCVER Consultations on Priorities Beyond 2015

  1. Many thanks for the posting of the NCVER Research prospectus for 2015 /16.

    I like the fresh focus of the Prospectus on the P points of Productivity, Participation, Practice and Place of VET.

    I wonder about some of the sub points that are missing and could be included. I noticed that STEMs get a good mention but I am worried that HASS (Humanities Art and Social Sciences) is missing. This tends to tends to create a focus on technocratic and less affective and humanistic development???

    Participation is reasonably focussed but I wonder about the need to more fully define foundation skills to highlight the need for further and continuing education developments.
    I also wonder about the Third Sector… and the Public Sector / enterprise developments. We need to place more emphasis on the need to develop these sectors and the value of developing the capabilities in these sectors. This enables a more comprehensive and inclusive system… beyond that of the traditional industry sector.

    Place: The importance of the Education industry and in particular the post school education system needs to be given more focus … particularly in the age of the knowledge economy and the critical importance of the global economy with growing trade agreements… and Australia’s role in contributing and benefiting from the international links of growing importance in a global internet, social mediated connected economy and societies along with environmental challenges.


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