AVETRA/TDA Scholarship Winner Awarded

Peter Hurley                       Berwyn Clayton 2015

Peter Hurley                                    Berwyn Clayton

Peter Hurley from Bendigo Kangan TAFE is this year’s award winner of the AVETRA/TDA Innovation Scholarship, which is overseen by the Hub.  Peter received his award at this year’s AVETRA conference on 10 April 2015.  The prize includes $6000 to assist in undertaking the research, and Peter will present his research at next year’s conference in Sydney.  Both he and David McLean (last year’s winner) will also have the opportunity to present their research at the TDA conference in Hobart.  Peter’s research will look at how the TAFE sector can play an effective role as part of Australia’s response to unemployment through innovative Work for the Dole programs. This project will look at how TAFE can create successful mod els of engaging the unemployed by linking them to training.

  Berwyn Clayton at the AVETRA 2015 Annual Conference


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