OctoberVET 2015

Carmel Ellis-Gulli, Rosalind Carter, Anne Bowden, Bronwyn Thompson, Kevin Heys at Ultimo TAFE for the webinar.
Carmel Ellis-Gulli, Rosalind Carter, Anne Bowden, Bronwyn Thompson, Kevin Heys at Ultimo TAFE for the webinar.

OctoberVET has been very successful once again. Many activities were conducted for the benefit of AVETRA members and wider audiences.  The organising committee, under the leadership of Dr Steven Hodge, is to be heartily congratulated.

The NSW event was held on 26 October.  A webinar in which online participants shared their understandings with others and the presenters was successfully delivered.  The topic:  “Practitioner research: why it is useful in VET and how it is used and analysed”  was under discussion. This area of practice seems to be increasing in Australia, as well as internationally.

Many thanks to the technical support of Bronwyn Thompson. Many thanks also to TAFE NSW for providing the infrastructure and venue for the webinar.

The presentations by Rosalind Carter, Dean of TAFE NSW Higher Education; Carmel Ellis-Gulli, Faculty Director at TAFE NSW Sydney Institute; and Anne Bowden, Practitioner Researcher, were well received.  Kevin Heys provided a great context for the webinar in relation to the operation of VET in Australia in 2015.

The best thing about these webinars (perhaps) is that others can share in the event after its closure. If you would like to view the webinar on practitioner research follow The link below:

Practitioner Research in VET Webinar 26 October 2015

Perhaps you have come to this AVETRA Educator Hub website as a result of joining it following the webinar. If that is the case, a very warm welcome to you.  We look forward to more interaction with you.

Your response in a reply below would be warmly received. Alternatively if you would like something posted on the website, get in touch with us via the Contact Us button above.


1 thought on “OctoberVET 2015

  1. Dear Anne,

    Many thanks for your posting of this report to enable many others to tap into this very valuable update and exchange on developments in the area of “Practitioner Research”.

    The ripple effect continues… congratulations!!


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