Total VET Activity Data

Total VET Data.jpg

What would you like to know?  How many people in your jurisdiction have accessed programs outside your jurisdiction?  The proportion of male and female usage of the VET system?  (This is one that I will be keenly looking at to compare with pre TVA data.)  The level of activity in an each industry area?  This data at:!ut/p/a1/hZBbb4JAEIV_iw_um-5wEaTJpgELAvVubHVfGlgRSbm5SyX996Vak6axOm9z8s2cM4MpXmOaB8ckDqqkyIP0u6fa28w0B646BH-6nMhgrhYvnqfPZdVRGmDTAPBPmXCed4eabKng990xgDdZLpyxvVRgqv_M3wDu-L9iettC-wuAMX8CT5cnvjuaSfDcu7MBLhtuHOljGqdFeHrYxsxDpR9jyqNdxCPe_eCNvK-q8qENbajruhsmedxlRdYGEQWc7R8PJGfHiKODIDnaFTwjc2vkIsGKMiJ1FKLyQghGoANIlKQjIfFOEDsmW6IalgW2o9s9U1F12TFkRdJU2x5IqjXoAaBgm1ZEVDxh1bWI-0I0-u9o16hz2DLgQSbw-pQHl9lqDYnXoeGnksat1hfDG6Mh/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

is just so accessible it’s ridiculous.  I am keen to benchmark some organisations with the national data.


I hope you have fun working this the data.




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