NCVER Research Funding Round Closing Soon


Is the time flying by for you to get your research proposal into NCVER for the current funding round?  Are you looking for a partner or a collaborator for a proposal?

There is a wealth of information available on NCVER’s site BUT the closing date is Wednesday 13 April.  That’s not long if you have a proposal that you think will fit one of three categories:

  1. Meeting skill demand for the future
  2. New delivery and assessment modes (emerging technology)
  3. Future-proofing the VET workforce

Most of you have had much more experience in these processes than me.  However, it would seem a really good use of our Educator Hub platform if anyone has ideas they would like to throw around a bit with others.  Please feel free to make a comment in the area below and it could begin a great conversation that could help you hone your research question or broader proposal.  That’s what we are here for – to give and get support!




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