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Two very interesting items courtesy of Kevin Heys

Kevin, as you all know, is a great supporter of research in our VET industry.  Here are two very interesting items that provide a varied and solid account of the policy directions which are shaping us right now.

How Australia Produces $30 billion worth of ‘grey literature’ that we can’t read.  Find the article at The Conversation.

Productivity Commission Proposal Will Stifle Australian Creativity


Thank you to Kevin for providing us with an opportunity to become more aware of the current state of play in these important policy areas.




And present they did!

imageThe AVETRA 2016 Conference with the theme Collaboration, Innovation, Prosperity was a great success.  Together with the impressive keynote speakers the workshops had some really interesting, and thought-provoking research to share.  I personally was most impressed with the large number of participants who are interested in developing an early researcher community of practice.  The Early Researcher Breakfast was a great success.

Hopefully this website will provide a great opportunity for people to spruik a little about their research, and also to get some support at those most challenging moments in research.  Of course, those moments can come from the time you are curious and trying to establish your enquiry, right through to the time when you are disseminating your research.  Don’t hesitate to jump on here (just leave a reply to this if you wish) to access support from other early researchers, and from some very generous, much more experienced researchers.

Members Present at AVETRA Annual Conference

logo of AVETRA


How many members will be presenting their research at the AVETRA Conference from 20 to 22 April at North Sydney Institute?  Working through the program, I count at least 16.   How many can you identify?  I am sure their presentations will all be wonderful Research Raves.  Maybe some of them would like to spruik a little here on the AVETRA Educator Hub to give us a sneak preview.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Conference next week.

By the way, I am doing a Speed Dating session on reflective practitioner research.

Engaging with policy

I found this blog post by Nick Hillman in the UK interesting. Hope you might too:

Criticising Whitehall from the safety of an ivory tower?