Members Present at AVETRA Annual Conference

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How many members will be presenting their research at the AVETRA Conference from 20 to 22 April at North Sydney Institute?  Working through the program, I count at least 16.   How many can you identify?  I am sure their presentations will all be wonderful Research Raves.  Maybe some of them would like to spruik a little here on the AVETRA Educator Hub to give us a sneak preview.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Conference next week.

By the way, I am doing a Speed Dating session on reflective practitioner research.


1 thought on “Members Present at AVETRA Annual Conference

  1. I look forward to listening to you Anne. I’m giving two presentations – one on the ‘Whisper of the Practitioner’ with Melinda. It builds on our previous work on the value of applied research and scholarly activity, and we undertook a number of interviews finding out what people had to say. Would an increased research basis give us a louder voice in our sector? Well, you’ll have to wait for the results.

    The other is on current STEM programs and government initiatives and whether they will support more women and girls into further studies and careers in this area. Of course the interesting problematic, is that VET has been largely ignored despite the need for workers at technician level and above. I’m doing with this with Annette, with our WAVE hats on.



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