Daily Archives: April 24, 2016

And present they did!

imageThe AVETRA 2016 Conference with the theme Collaboration, Innovation, Prosperity was a great success.  Together with the impressive keynote speakers the workshops had some really interesting, and thought-provoking research to share.  I personally was most impressed with the large number of participants who are interested in developing an early researcher community of practice.  The Early Researcher Breakfast was a great success.

Hopefully this website will provide a great opportunity for people to spruik a little about their research, and also to get some support at those most challenging moments in research.  Of course, those moments can come from the time you are curious and trying to establish your enquiry, right through to the time when you are disseminating your research.  Don’t hesitate to jump on here (just leave a reply to this if you wish) to access support from other early researchers, and from some very generous, much more experienced researchers.