International Research into Return on Investment for TVET

Phil Loveder and John Stanwick from NCVER have just released an interesting report building on their NCVER work on ROI in TVET.  This report, Measuring the Return on Investment in TVET brings an international perspective (and very international at that) on this issue.  The report is the result of a UNESCO-UNEVOC online forum held earlier this year.  I particularly like Figure One which captures well the benefits of vocational education and training.




1 thought on “International Research into Return on Investment for TVET

  1. This is great to see the collaboration across boarders on TVET. Great to see the ROI being analysed in terms of Financial, Social and Environmental terms. They could well add the fourth dimension of Personal satisfaction ROI. Allen’s study a decade ago reported that for each $1 the ROI is $6.50 in NSW TAFE.


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