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A Welsh Follower for Our Site

A Colleague from Wales

How exciting to have Michelle Roles from the Welsh Education Workforce Council following our AVETRA Educator Hub site.  Welcome along Michelle.  It would be wonderful to get some international perspectives on our discussions.  Please feel free to reply to any existing post – either with a reaction to the topic, or to start a new conversation.

We love our international colleagues!



Peter Hurley,

Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley, recipient of the TAFE Directors’ Australia, and AVETRA’s Innovation Scholarship, has released the findings of his research into Increasing Employment Opportunities for Marginalised Victorians through the use of TAFE training and social enterprises.  See the report, sponsored by Higher Education & Skills Group,
Department of Education and Training, Victorian Government at:

Click to access Hurley-Final-LowRes.pdf

This is quite a hard hitting piece of work, identifying four principles for implementing Peter’s recommendations following his international case studies in this area of endeavour.   No doubt there are lessons here for many VET practitioners beyond the Victorian boundaries.