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What role do apprenticeships and traineeships play in VET?

I would like to thank the Assistant Minister Karen Andrews for her recent update.  It is reassuring to know that there is considerable contemplation of VET’s future, particularly as we are getting very close to the expiry of the National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform (202-17).

The update from the Minister did lead me to consider the role of apprenticeships (incorporating traineeships) in Australia.  Doing a little basic statistics work I determine that as of September 2015 this group made up 6% of all students in the VET system (262625 apprentices:4,500,000 total enrolments) according to NCVER data at

This group is very significant to VET, and the formation of skills in Australia.  The commentary, though, sometimes lead me to think that there may be a view held that VET is largely based on an apprenticeship model.  For example, the Minister states, “As the flagship of the vocational education system, apprenticeships are my key priority and we are focused on reversing the decline that began in 2012.”

Do you share this concern that a view of VET could be described perhaps as a 1950’s view, rather than a 21st Century view?  I will be very interested to read the replies.







Building bridges with universities

I recommend reading Barney Glover’s address to the Press Club and his assertions about universities. More particularly, his point about building bridges with the world beyond the university is important. Could that include better collaborations with VET institutions when it comes to the knowledge economy and start-ups?