Building bridges with universities

I recommend reading Barney Glover’s address to the Press Club and his assertions about universities. More particularly, his point about building bridges with the world beyond the university is important. Could that include better collaborations with VET institutions when it comes to the knowledge economy and start-ups?


1 thought on “Building bridges with universities

  1. Thank you for opening the discussion Francesca. I feel particularly compelled to respond as a person who lives in the same region as Karlie. I think Professor Glover’s address uses Karlie’s case study very effectively.

    “Karlie was the first in her family to go to university when she began a combined maths and physics degree at the University of Newcastle eight years ago.

    She’s been working ever since to identify and understand more about the sophisticated scientific knowledge embedded in Indigenous astronomy.”

    This case study seems to me to be a good example of the type of bridge building which could be really effective. VET, of course, is well placed to develop research on how learnings like Karlie’s might be being applied, or could be applied. This type of ‘applied research’, I consider, sits very well in the VET world of applied learning and teaching.


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