Monthly Archives: July 2017

NSW Government Research Opportunity

Do you have a background in strategies for communication and engagement with the community, stakeholders and a range of strategic partners?  Transport for NSW is looking for a service provider to help develop a research program to inform its activities in this function.

See the request for tender for more details.

VET Applied Research:  driving VET’s role in the innovation system.

NCVER 2017

The attached powerpoint (below) was presented by Francesca Beddie and Linda Simon at the recent NCVER ‘No-Frills’ conference.  It highlights issues from their report to be released by NCVER in the near future, and offers thoughts and opportunities for both educators and RTOs to take a stronger role in VET applied research.

Beddie and Simon NCVER 2017 Presentation

Click on the No Frills graphic above to see all the presentations from the 2017 No Frills Conference.