Important New Research for the VET Sector

NCVER has just released three papers making up the report by Francesca Beddie and Linda Simon ‘VET applied research: driving VET’s role in the innovation system’.  The report sets out to not only provide the rationale for investing time and money in developing an increased applied research capability in the VET sector, but also provides some useful examples as to how this is already occurring and how it can be extended.  One of the papers focuses on building the capability of the educators and other professionals in VET, through a developmental framework.  This framework below identifies areas of skills and capability development that may be required by individuals or teams involved in applied research.  It also acknowledges that many of those in the sector may already have these capabilities but have not adapted them to an applied research role.  It is a useful reference point for many educators and a framework for professional development for organisations, as well as industry and community partners.



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