The AVETRA VET Practitioner Research Conference Program Is Nearly Here

AVETRA, the VET Development Centre and the Victorian TAFE Association are really gearing up for the Inaugural VET Practitioner Research Conference.  This is a unique opportunity for VET teachers, trainers and other professionals to present and learn about new research in VET.

The program is very nearly ready to be released on 30 March.  Among the exciting speakers the Victorian TAFE Association has secured is José Luis Fernandez Maure, Head of International at TKNIKA (Institute of Innovation and Applied Research for Vocational Education and Training) in the Basque Country and leader of the Applied Research and Innovation Affinity Group of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP).

Practitioner research is practical, applied and impactful at the local level.  It drives innovation in VET curriculum, delivery and assessment and directly contributes to innovation in industry and community settings.

The categories for the program are:

1.       Research capability development workshops

2.       Research project ‘snapshots’

3.       Research project presentations

The cost of the conference has been kept to a minimum with the support of the VET Development Centre and the Victorian TAFE Association.   The cost of attendance will be:

•         Existing AVETRA members: $25

•         Non-AVETRA members: $225 (Please note, joining AVETRA is easy! Just go to and click the ‘Join Now’ button. You’ll save on attending this conference and enjoy the benefits of AVETRA membership.)

Please direct any questions about the conference, including how to pay and register, to Linda Simon and Steven Hodge at:

The AVETRA Annual General Meeting has also been set down for Thursday 26 April in conjunction with the Conference.  A good number of nominations have been received and if you are an AVETRA member you will have received your election form by now.  If not, I highly recommend joining AVETRA and having your say on the Executive for this very worthwhile organisation.

Please leave a comment in the Reply section below to let us know who might be coming to this exciting events, and what highlights you are hoping for.

VET Applied Research Framework



1 thought on “The AVETRA VET Practitioner Research Conference Program Is Nearly Here

  1. Thanks for the development work with this inaugural Practitioners conference. I am looking forward to being part of the conference.


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