What a Vibrant Community

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There is so much going on in the VET research world at present!   I hope you find my comments on these few items of interest.

The AVETRA A-News publication this month is a bumper issue. I strongly recommend it to you. You will have received it from the Secretariat if you are a member, otherwise you can find it at http://avetra.org.au.  Two of the highlights for me are:

Robin Shreeve’s call for the attention of the research community to investigate the detail of the Business to Business (B2B) activities of VET, particularly in light of a number of previous sector restructures, especially funding restructures, based on the premises of earlier work. In particular Robin refers to the Scott and Deveson Reports.  If you happen to be interested in collaborating on this, please leave a reply below. I am sure many of us believe this is an important area of which to develop a stronger understanding for policy and practice initiatives.

I feel that the second item may be a case of my being the last to know. Please forgive me if you have already received this sad news. The passing of a true stalwart of applied research, Rosalind Carter, is such a tragic event. My condolences certainly go out to her family and her colleagues who will miss her enormously.  It saddened me greatly, as I am sure it will many of you, at a personal level.  On reading the A-News’ comments regarding Ros’ significant contribution to an applied learning, applied teaching and applied research framework for TAFENSW,  I realised that she has in fact made a global contribution in this area. As Dr Ruth Schubert points out in her article in A-News, countries experiencing economic success have a shared concept of this applied approach to tertiary education.  The picture below shows Ros’s involvement in the NSW OctoberVET a few years ago.  She was such a wonderful person to work with professionally and personally.

OctoberVET 2015
Carmel Ellis-Gulli, Rosalind Carter, Anne Bowden, Bronwyn Thompson, Kevin Heys at Ultimo TAFE for the webinar.


In a similar vein I noticed that Wendy Perry has highlighted a very interesting article from the MIT Technology Review on Linkedin which disceusses the need for the German tertiary education system to address new ways to incorporate applied skill development as well as skills to adapt to the changes w will experience with AI aspects of jobs.
Have you heard of the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE)?  I am sure you have.  I attended a very interesting webinar on its long-term vision to 2030 (see the recording at the link).  Of particular interest was the inclusion of the relationship between VET and higher education as a unified tertiary system; as well as the concerns raised regarding the continued loss of focus of the equity issues in policy decisions.  It made me reflect on where we are at in VET since the cessation of the National Vocational Education Advisory Council (NVEAC) in 2014.  Presenters in the webinar referred to the foundational policy of A Fair Chance For All of 1990 as being the current benchmark.  As such, it seems that all areas of tertiary education in Australia could benefit from a focus on this aspect of our operations.


Don’t forget to check the Happenings on this Hub to see details of some interesting conferences coming up.


And please …. Make a reply on any of these matters if you want to keep a conversation going amongst all of our VET practitioner community members.


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