Daily Archives: August 3, 2018



Many of the Hub members will have joined in AVETRA’s OctoberVET events in years past.  Well, it’s on again in 2018 even bigger and better.

AVETRA is calling for expressions of interest from people who wish to run an OctoberVET event in their area in 2018. What an outstanding opportunity this is to showcase, disseminate and debate VET research.  We are hoping that there will be members of this Hub who will take up this exciting opportunity to share their research, whether still in development, recently published or perhaps even published sometime ago but with reason to bring it to the light of day again now.

OctoberVET events can be large or small, formal or informal.

If you have an idea for an OctoberVET event, please email or call Steven Hodge (s.hodge@griffith.edu.au / 0421224474) or Anne Bowden (annie.bowden@gmail.com / 0419425555).  We are happy to work with you to refine or develop your event.

I am thrilled to be working with Dr Steven Hodge to coordinate this year’s event.  I will be even more thrilled to hear from any of you with ideas.  You don’t have to take responsibility for conducting an event, you might just have research that you are burning to share.  Ignite that passion here first if you wish, by including a comment in the reply area below; or contact Steven or I to get things rolling.


Although not strictly an OctoberVET event, the other important calendar date is 26th October 2018.  AVETRA will be hosting a further Research Forum at the Canberra Institute of Technology on that date.  Check out the details on the AVETRA website.  Look forward to seeing some of you there!