A Call Out


This is a call out to my colleagues in NSW and other parts of the world who would like to showcase their research at the 2018 OctoberVET event.  I am sure you will know about this annual event organised by AVETRA.   If you don’t, have a look at the interesting topics that have been investigated in 2017 and previous years, and you’ll find all the necessary details at the AVETRA website.

I am organising the NSW event, which will be held in Sydney, as well as via an online webinar to ensure that all the far-flung VET family can join in.  So if you can’t get to Sydney, you can always either present or watch via the webinar.

What makes these events really valuable is to have those people who are doing research, either practitioners or academics, come forward and share their findings.  You might be just playing around with the idea of some research and you would like to gauge the interest of others; you might have some preliminary findings from something you have partially completed; or you might have recently published some work that you would like to showcase.

All of this sharing is really valuable for us to make sure we keep the informed conversation about our highly-valued VET sector alive and engaging.  This is really an imperative time to have these conversations, and your input to them is what will make the difference.

Please get in touch with me, Anne Bowden, at annie.bowden@gmail.com or on +61 0419 42 5555, if you have any thoughts on something you would like to share at this important NSW event.  Remember, you could be physically present at the Sydney site, or you could be online from anywhere in the world.  We do have some international followers of the Hub so maybe they will be interested also – we hope so!



2 thoughts on “A Call Out

  1. Dear Anne,


    Saw the Educator Hub and read your Call Out for the Octobervets.

    I hope you are getting some positive responses.

    There are a lot of things going on in October… including a TMA now the TLN Leadership award that I have been invited by Steve Ryan to attend at Coogee.

    I think it is on about the 20th of October.

    I also read the TDA conference it looks like an excellent event. starting on the 8 Oct.

    Many thanks and best wishes

    Kevin >


    1. Hi Kevin

      Thanks for the reply. Yes, there is a lot going on in October, and I am sure the OctoberVET event will complement all these activities very well. I don’t have an exact date for the event yet. I am tentatively planning 25 October in Sydney so that it could coincide well with the AVETRA Research Forum in Canberra on 26 October. As you say, there is a lot going on in October. I look forward to catching up with you and others at some of these events.


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