Daily Archives: November 27, 2021

Latest Edition of AVETRA’s Research Today Excellent Publication

I found this latest edition of Research Today to be very broad in terms of content and contributor background. I particularly enjoyed the suggestion by President Dr Steven Hodge that “this whole question about referencing has two sides. There is the rationale for referencing – why do it at all? – and then the other side is the ‘craft’ of applying a certain referencing style or convention.

Be honest, which one of us has not experienced the frustration of trying to decide whether to reference whilst writing, or to return to the task to make sure we get the ‘craft’ right? Dr Hodge’s encouraging words give me a new respect for referencing. The words of the other contributors also give me pause to consider findings on some very important practice issues in VET.

I recommend the read! And once again, don’t forget to visit AVETRA’s website if you want to join and receive the other excellent resources of this important research organisation.