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Latest Edition of AVETRA’s Research Today Excellent Publication

I found this latest edition of Research Today to be very broad in terms of content and contributor background. I particularly enjoyed the suggestion by President Dr Steven Hodge that “this whole question about referencing has two sides. There is the rationale for referencing – why do it at all? – and then the other side is the ‘craft’ of applying a certain referencing style or convention.

Be honest, which one of us has not experienced the frustration of trying to decide whether to reference whilst writing, or to return to the task to make sure we get the ‘craft’ right? Dr Hodge’s encouraging words give me a new respect for referencing. The words of the other contributors also give me pause to consider findings on some very important practice issues in VET.

I recommend the read! And once again, don’t forget to visit AVETRA’s website if you want to join and receive the other excellent resources of this important research organisation.

It is still October, so it is still OctoberVET

Don’t forget to register for these upcoming, and very informative events.  What a wonderful world where we can be anywhere in the world and access such knowledge and expertise. 

The relationship between migration to Australia and international education – history and future directions

Date: Wednesday 20 October
 12:00PM AEDT
Dr Abul Rizvi
Online via Zoom
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For more information, please view the event flyer.

 Applied research in TAFE: Current practice and future opporunity

Date: Friday 29 October
 10.00 – 1.30pm AEDT

Dr Louise Shaw, Warren Guest, Robyn Neeson, Lisa Clements and Connie Castellan, Dr Mary Hughes and Julie Wright.

Professor Debra Kiegaldie, Dr Ross Digby,Dr Henry Pook,Dr Gabby Koutoukides and Dr Joe Pagnoccolo

Venue: Online via WebEX
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For more information, please view the event flyer.

VET & Resilience @ BHI OctoberVET

Date: Friday 12 November
 1:00PM AEDT
Dr Karen O’Reilly-Briggs, Dr Rochelle Fogelgarn,Dr Jacolyn Weller, Annemaree Gibson, Annie Carney, Stephanie Cunningham, Mark Jordan
Venue: Online via Zoom
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Thank you for the reminder


National Skills Commission

Training Product Similarity Research – using innovative advanced techniques

presented by  Angela Hope and Kate Morrison
TODAY Monday 11 October 2021 3:30 pm – 5.00pm

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Angela Hope and Kate Morrison from the Forecasting, Skills and Analysis Branch in the National Skills Commission (NSC) will be discussing the new training product similarity exploratory work that they have undertaken. This analysis employed natural language processing to calculate similarity scores for each pair of training package qualifications. The machine learning techniques and NLP used by the NSC can be used to better understand the qualifications and skills being taught through the Australian VET system. The NSC will continue to build on this exploratory training similarity analysis. It has the potential to help identify similar training products which can assist in the simplification of the VET system and qualification design.
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A Practitioner’s Event

Interested in Digital Initiatives in Education?

Have you heard of eportfolios?  Here is a great opportunity for the online community to join in a significant forum for those who are currently practising in this space, or are interested in practising here.  

On 20 and 21 October there is an exciting program of speakers and professional sharing in the online environment.  Head over the to the ePortfolio Australia Forum website for more information and consider registering for this event.  You may only want to join one day - and I'm sure you will get lots of learnings from that.  Or you may want to register for the two days and you will be assured of even more learnings and sharing.  

I am joining in as I am impressed with the program and I know there is a lot to learn here.  

ePortfolios Australia is a not-for-profit group providing a professional network which aims to support eportfolio practice in Australia and beyond through professional development, research activities and the sharing of resources, ideas and practice.  I am sure you will find it worthwhile. 

And the best news 🙂  This does not conflict with any of the dates for the important AVETRA OctoberVET Events!!!


Just before I share these details I would like to plant a seed.  Thanks to Kevin Heys for his suggestion here on the Educator Hub.  Kevin muses whether someone would be interested in investigating the possible critical role of TAFE College sites being reactivated and fitted for purpose to provide vaccine centers and health education and community centers for the better equipping of local and regional communities on the road to recovery and ongoing support given the impacts of COVID.

If you are interested in collaborating, or may be planning this research yourself, drop us  line here the Hub by leaving a comment below.  AND NOW, TO THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:

AVETRA is pleased to announce its first OctoberVET 2021 event is open for registrations.  Here are the details:

Aotearoa New Zealand’s Reform of Vocational Education and Training (RoVE) Te Pūkenga (NZ Institute of Skills and Technology) aspirations and promises

Free online AVETRA webinar presented by Dr Selena Chan

Wednesday 13 October 12:10 to 12:50 (AEST) 14:10 to 14:50 (NZ)

The Aotearoa NZ Labour government in 2019 embarked on a sweeping restructure of VET, the Reform of VET (RoVE). Formal divisions between work-based and formalised VET were removed, new strategic and governance bodies were established, and a more responsive/equitable funding system promised. The 11 Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) supporting workplace learners and 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) are now in the process of transitioning and merging into Te Pūkenga (NZ Institute of Skills and Technology).

Te Pūkenga’s charter and its ambition  is to ensure the ‘learner is at the heart of learning’ is presented and critiqued through an exploration of the final draft its ‘service concepts’. These service concepts, describe Te Pūkenga’s operational functions and intentions to ensure equitable access and outcomes through the provision of ‘flexible and adaptive’ learning approaches.

Dr Selena Chan is an educational developer at Ara Institute of Canterbury in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand. Her research informs her work which includes facilitating curriculum development, technology-enhanced learning projects, and academic staff development

Selena has published widely in vocational research journals; authored two books (the most recent – Digitally enabling ‘learning by doing in vocational education); and is the co-editor for AVETRA’s International Journal of Training Research and on the editorial board for the Journal of Vocational Education and Training.

To register to hear Selena click this link

For further information on OCTOBERVET Events in 2021 keep in touch with us here, or stay on the lookout at .

This year most events will be online. There will be no charge to register but we hope that if you are not a member of AVETRA you will join. Annual membership can be as low as $95 for research students and casual members of staff. For this you get access to publications such as “Research Today and “A News” as well as joining a community of practice of people interested in VET research through meetings, events and conferences.