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Will you be at NCVER’s Research Forum on 18 November 2015?

Research Forum: VET’s role in re-skilling displaced workers
Wednesday 18 November, 10.00am – 4.00pm, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)
Don’t miss the National Centre for Vocational Education Research’s one-day research forum When one door closes: VET’s role in re-skilling displaced workers. This forum will discuss the role vocational education and training plays now and into the future in assisting occupational transferability, and how policy in this area can help workers transition. Speakers include Associate Professor John Spoehr, Executive Director, Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre, University of Adelaide and Dr Andrew ScottAssociate Professor of Politics and Policy, Deakin University.
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RozzieRoslin Brenna Kemmis

It is with a sad heart that I record this sector-changing event.  Many of you know that we recently lost a giant of the Australian vocational education and training landscape.  Roslin Elizabeth Brennan Kemmis passed away on Monday, 28 July 2015.  I make this entry by way of a tribute to Rozzie.  Many of you will have known Rozzie much more intimately than I did.  It was only recently that I met and worked briefly with her.  Prior to being so fortunate as to have had these experiences, like so many practitioners in the VET sector I had gained an enormous amount from her efforts over a number of decades.

Rozzie’s contributions to our sector were apparent in so many ways.  For me, the wisdom and knowledge she exuded when I was in her company was an intangible gift which cannot be captured in a CV.  No one can fail to be impressed by her record of activity which includes more than 40 publications, 29 presentations at national and international conferences, membership and executive roles on at least seven national bodies, and editorial and reviewer roles with a number of international publications.

The awards of Order of Australia and a Carrick Award in recognition of her services and innovation in both the VET and wider education sectors are fitting acknowledgements of the impact this amazing woman had on the Australian education system.  Rozzie was an enthusiastic supporter of this AVETRA Educator Hub and was keen to ensure practitioner research continued in our sector.  I know that I will long remember her incredible warmth and mentorship to me in just the few collaborations we had.

To Stephen, and all of Rozzie’s family I offer my condolences.  We in VET have lost an amazing scholar, leader, friend and acquaintance.  You and your family have lost a most precious and treasured gift who no doubt was the centre of your lives.   May the loss be easier to bear by knowing that so many admired and loved her also.

The outcomes of education and training: what the Australian research is telling us, 2011–14

Have you read the latest synthesis of NCVER’s research over the 2011-14 period?  My congratulations go to Francesca Beddie and Associates for this thought-provoking publication.  My overall reaction to this very informative piece of work is that it really highlights  that VET, like so many other aspects of Australian society, is actually at a watershed moment.  I recommend  you have a read at the NCVER Publications site.!ut/p/a0/hY-9CsIwGACfxaFj-ZI2bdpRBEm7CFahySL51Wjpv1XfXnQXx4OD40BADaKViz_L2XetbD4s0lOBow1jBJU7xlJU0O1hX7FjjHAKHLigPwWWQAUCRK-9AU4y64wiKowTjEOiTRzKKMtD5JLcYekSijWU_4o1cH8dBrEGobt2ts8Z6lYvdjxNFzlaE6D-rhqvvwtTgCKa5dDfpMpej9Ubwo8bcg!!/



NCVER Consultations on Priorities Beyond 2015

Many people will be aware of the various activities NCVER has been undertaking to determine priorities for research in VET beyond 2015.

The Research Prospectus 2015-16 is an important planning document.  I highly recommend it!  There is an email address to share any thoughts you have regarding these priorities.

The NCVER webinar held on 12 March 2015 was very helpful.  I believe NCVER will provide a recording of the event shortly, probably at their consultation site.