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Do you have a question?  Perhaps you want some assistance finding data or finding research participants? Perhaps you just want to know more about what this Hub thingy is all about.  Please place a reply in the box below and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.  Go on, give us a try and have a good day.


5 thoughts on “Got a Question?


    Now that I’ve almost finished my PhD, I’m starting to look around for work/potential opportunities in the VET/research/HE space, and wanted to know if the Educator Hub had a section dedicated to job/research opportunities?


    1. Hi Karen. Nice to hear from you. And thanks for the advice that this page required changing so comments can be left here. Sorry about the frustration.

      The idea of the Opportunities page (above) is so that such opportunities can be identified. Sometime these are OS and sometimes Oz. If anyone else hears of any opportunities could you please update these in the Reply area?

      Good luck with your career Karen. I know your research will be very useful for the VET sector.


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