Welcome to the AVETRA Educator Hub

This online platform is one of the outcomes of AVETRA’s project to support new VET researchers, VET educators who have an interest in the use of VET research, and those already involved in research.  It is particularly aimed at those VET educators/practitioners who might be interested in practice-based research or inquiry.

Here you will find resources and contacts to assist you with your research journey.  Whether you are undertaking small or larger research projects, there will be something here for you.

On the right you will see a continuously updated list of research which is being published right now!  The authors of these research papers also experienced the moment when they thought their research would never see the light of day.

Across the top of the website you will find a number of menus for navigating this Educator Hub site.

Resources will lead you to a huge array of resources that have been brought together for your free use to assist you in undertaking your research.  Whilst the resources are freely available, we hope you might consider joining the AVETRA organisation to support our efforts.  Details on joining can be found on AVETRA’s website.

Research Raves is a place for you to spruik a little about any (very small and larger research projects) you are currently involved in.  Other researchers, including those who have significant research publications, are really interested to find out what is going on now.

Opportunities will tell you about possible funding sources, volunteering, scholarships and other interesting things happening in VET research.

Happenings promotes upcoming events for the research community.  This includes national and international events.

If you would like to find out about other people who might be able to assist you in your research, please feel free to use the Contact Us link to send an email with your query.

There is a small group of ‘bloggers’ who will from time to time place posts on this site.  Your response to these postings, by replying or commenting, will be instrumental in keeping a strong and supportive conversation happening for researchers.  We know it can be a very lonely existence in the ‘writer’s den’.  So if you’d like some support, please feel free to comment or reply, or contact us.

If you click on the Follow button at the bottom right of the screen (and we hope you will), you will receive an email when there is activity occurring here.

Please feel free to use all the resources of this, your Educator Hub.  Its effectiveness in supporting new researchers; and keeping not so new researchers in touch, is really down to your level of engagement here.  We are looking forward to great conversations and sharing.


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